La casona de tia VictoriaLa casona de tia Victoria
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Enjoy the meal.

We have an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy a good meal thanks to our barbecue.

La casona

You will stay is a unique House, built in the 16th century and reformed in the 20th but which retains its classic style.

Your friends, your family

Enjoy a unique holiday with your family or friends, we offer you accommodation for up to 22 people.


Enjoy wine, nature and monuments of a privileged region, live in a House that keeps its stately style.


To the Zapardiel River..

Two hour walking or 50′ biking at low pace. Smooth hills on the way, and you will be among vineyards, cereal fields, and parallel to the river during 1 km. When you reach the small Roman bridge is time to turn left and go back.

Biking to La Seca and back by the Royal Trail

One hour biking or 2h 50′ walking. The road to La Seca allows a high view of all the landscapes and the way back goes close to a small valley among smooth hills. Even we are in the plainest province of Spain take care when biking uphill and downhill.

From Rueda to the river Duero.

A 2 h walk or 50′ bike ride. Variety of sights with vineyards, cereal fields, and Pine Forest. In the Google map when you see the way ending you still have to continue for 3+ km without leaving it. In case of doing it with small children consider to send a car (see the route here) to the destination to bring them back.

Pine Forest of La Nava

You can drive by car to the road VP-8801. Once there and with a copy of the map you can enjoy the Forest walking thru the Firewalls. Best way to walk is the south side of the Pine Forest.

Please remember that the Spanish Law strictly prohibits to make fire outside.

In less than 10 minutes from Rueda you have the monumental Cities of Medina del Campo and Tordesillas.


In Medina del Campo you can find the Castle de la Mota, one of the Largests castles of Castilla y León


Rueda is in the Center of Castilla & León, one of the Largest accumulations of historic places and events worldwide.


In Tordesillas syou can find one of the Royal Monuments, the Monastery of Santa Clara. An XIV century building with a mudejar style church inside. Is one of the most important monument to visit.

More places

Royal Monuments

Castilla y León is one of the few regions in Spain that has Royal Monuments among the thousands of Monuments inside its territory.


Eleven Cathedrals are the example of the most magnificent but light art.


Monuments of the Militar Architecture



The monasteries, the cradle of the western culture


There are more than 60 Winaries under the Denominación de Origen Rueda,You can visit 14 Winaries of those.You have here all the info

Rueda is in the center or a vast Wine Area. Within 30 minutes you can reach more than 350 Winaries of different Origin Denominations. Ribera del Duero, Toro y Cigales.

Without Leaving Rueda you can visit “El hilo de Ariadna”. A different way to visit Yllera Winaries.

  • There is a Special Price for “La Casona de Tía Victoria” guests
  • The Visit can take plase either during the morning or in the afternoon, and takes two hours.
  • If you are interested in the visit please make sure to mention whtn you make the reservation.

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